West Coast Winter Wonderland

For about 2 weeks we had nice weather, some sun, some rain, but above 0˚C, which I really appreciated. But now, winter has returned with mass amounts of snow. Seeing as I’m heading to Florida and tropical sunshine in a few days I figured I might as well embrace it. So my sister and I went on a bit of a winter play date in the snow!

And of course a good old snowball fight was in order ;)


I hope where ever you are you’re staying toasty warm; but if you’re blessed with some fresh snowfall don’t forget to enjoy it, as all too soon it will melt again. And this is from a girl who hates the cold… So remember to warm up with hot chocolate by the fireplace after!
Below are some more photos of our snowy adventure!

xo Bree



Welcome to Bree at Home!

Welcome to Bree At Home! Usually I’m not actually at home, but home is where all the adventures get planned! And I can’t wait to share my upcoming adventures with you guys! Soon I’ll be heading to Key West, Florida, escaping this freezing cold winter in Canada. Fun fact, Vancouver is usually supposed to stay mild throughout the winter, but this year we seem to have missed the memo – so time to escape again! I’ll be posting my trip of course, along with some packing tips in the days to come. Until I post again, for now I’ll share some photos of the happiest place on earth – Disneyland of course! If you guys are stuck somewhere cold and snowy too then maybe these photos will help you dream of sunny destinations like they do for me! Happy Monday! :)